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Donyae Tamorang Derakhshan DTR Ltd. or Tamorang was founded in 2010 in Mashhad Industrial Estate, Iran. The company is the culmination of three generations of a family business that started from simple confectionary products and today has become a well-known supplier of food ingredients and solutions in the country.

As a knowledge-driven company, Tamorang offers a wide range of products and services for both B2B and B2C markets. 


Amazing variety of products

gummy candy

jelly beans

Raspberry Gummy Candy

Pico Chocolate

Gummy Candy

Dessert Powder

jelly Powder

custard powder


Ice cream syrup

what is new?

The Hexagon package with three different products is one of the best choice to have.

Surprising gifts include sweets and a memorable fondant handmade doll.

Small sweets made from gummy candy coated color