DTR company is one of the manufacturers of food colors in various powder, liquid and jelly colors in different sizes with Niligoon brand. Other products of this company include jelly powder, dessert powder, custard powder, drink powder, syrup, etc. under Syring brand.

Since 2018, the activity of this company has expanded with the launch of the production line of Gummy candy, chocolates and jellybeans (the only producer of jellybeans in Iran) under the Jellymoon brand. The raw materials used in DTR products are obtained from the best brands in the domestic and foreign markets. The special technology and manufacturing method of this company has led to the production and supply of high quality products. by employing expert staff and advanced laboratories, this company has been able to obtain the certificate of the top producer in addition to obtaining customer satisfaction. We also received ISO22000 and HACCP certifications. The gelatin used in all jelly products of DTR Company is halal.


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+98 915 508 9298

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